Zombie Costumes For Girls

Zombie Dress Up Ideas For Girls

Zombie girl Halloween costumes can be scary as well as cute. The zombie bride dress is so beautiful. By putting on some creepy zombie makeup and plastering on gory zombie wounds, you can easily become the most spooky zombie girl around.

Zombie Princess Costume Ideas

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Princess Vampire Costume

Princess Vampira

Most little girls would like to dress up as a beautiful princess. Whether you are a frozen princess or a zombie Halloween princess, you are also beautiful.

Princess Vampira

The gorgeous child vampiress costume comes with a detachable popped collar, just like the classic vampire dress. The beautiful elegant vampiress gown has long flowing sleeves and comes in burgundy, black or silver color. Your little girl will

Frankie's Princess Costume For Kids

Frankie’s Princess Kids Costume

be a cute and beautiful Princess Vampira for sure.

Frankie’s Princess Kids Costume

This very detailed princess costume comes with leggings, glovelettes, choker and headband.

For a more zombie look, dab on some spooky makeup and stick on some gruesome cuts or stitches.

Gothic Princess Costume

Gothic Princess Costume

Gothic Princess Costume

The red color Gothic Princess dress comes with plenty of sheer black lace overlay and black spiderweb panel on bodice.

There are gold trimmings down the front part and collar. The dress can even twinkle and sparkle due to its fiber optic skirt.

Child Vampire Costume

Edgy Vamp Child Costume

Child Vampire Costume Ideas

Scary vampire has always brings fear into children’s heart. Perfect as a scary Halloween costume.

Edgy Vamp Child Costume

This fitted vampire dress comes with attached jabot and headpiece with a tiny hat.

For a more scary look, put on white makeup, black eyeshadow, spiderweb tights, black boots and spray on some blood. (all not included)

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Bat Costume For Girls

Bat Girl Costume

Bat Wings Costume

Bat wings costume look so cute, a nice replacement for the classic version of batman and batwoman type of superhero costumes that come with a cape instead of wings.

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Bat Girl Costume

This costume¬†comes with wings: elastic arm/shoulder bands attached with glitter around top and “veins” of wings. Edge of wings is made with heavy duty wire to hold its shape.

Dress: Zips up back with black ribbon sash, red underlayer. Vampire stuff doll with fangs drawn on mouth also included.

For a more vampire look, wig (buy separately) is recommended. Check out these vampire wigs here

Baby Bat Costume

Baby Bat Costume

InCharacter Unisex-baby Infant Baby Bat Costume

Ooh!! Look at this super cute little toddler bat wings costume.

It is a zippered one piece jumpsuit with attached skid resistant booties as well as snaps for hassle-free changing of diapers. The separated hood comes with velcro/snap closure. Bat wings and ears make her an adorable bat, don’t you agree?

Remember to take lots of memorable photos of your little bat.

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 Zombie Girl Costume

Forum Novelties Inc Girls’ Zombie Girl Costume

Forum Novelties Inc Girls’ Zombie Girl Costume

Be a scary zombie girl with this scary yet stylish costume. The vintage style Victorian era zippered long black dress comes complete with tattered bow and belt making you a scarily

Zombie Costume For Girls

Zombie Girl Costume

beautiful zombie girl on the prowl.

You have to hand wash in cold water after use.

Zombie Girl Costume by Fun World

Here is another scary zombie costume for girls. Yuks! The torn and tattered dirty dress comes with exposed spilling guts waist Cinch.

Best to have makeup,  messy hair wig and torn tights for a more scary and spooky look and remember to lurch around as you walk.

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