Scary Zombie Costume Ideas For Men

Scary Zombie Halloween Costumes For Men

It is that time of year for a creepy ghoulishly fun time. From eerie to scary to creepy to gory to nightmare, men with rotting brains in decomposed scary zombie costumes roaming around during creepy Halloween night is bound to have their fair share of horrifying screams.

From dressing up in spooky Halloween costumes to taking part in scary costumes competition, there are plenty of scary zombie costume ideas for men this Halloween.

Just don’t forget your scary zombie makeup for a more dramatic and gruesome effect.

Zombie Costumes For Men

Zombie Costume Gourmet Chef

Zombie Gourmet Chef

Zombie Chef Costume For Men

How do you like the idea of being a zombie chef and cooking up some rotting brain burger for everyone? Then the zombie chef

Deadly Chef Zombie Costume

Deadly Chef Costume with Jacket

costume will be just perfect for you. It includes coat, neck tie, gauze scarf, dickie with intestine print and detachable faux entrails and chef hat

Live up to your dreams of being a gourmet chef and whip up a bloody mess for this special night.

Cook up some gory Halloween stuff.


Zombie Doctor Costume

A zombie doctor in the house to take care of all the gory wounds and blood. Can he heal these zombie patients or make an even bloodier mess?


Scary Chainsaw Massacre Halloween Costume

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costume

Adult Leatherface Costume – Chainsaw Massacre Costumes

Not gory and scary enough? Well, the Texas chainsaw massacre maniac would surely sent shivers down your spine.

Creep mask with synthetic hair attached plus all the horrible gruesome details, Vinyl apron with disturbing images of body parts, gauze sash

Leatherface with his bloody chainsaw ( buy separately) and his sickening ‘human skin’ mask will surely frighten everyone out of their wits. Be prepared for a really scary night.

I truly hope I won’t bump into Leatherback this Halloween night.


Scary Zombie Priest Costume

Zombie Priest Costume

Zombie Priest Costume

A holy zombie priest might not give you horrifying nightmares like the Leatherback chainsaw massacre or will he?

Oh zombie priest, have mercy on their souls.

Costume includes blooded top, latex wound collar and trousers


Zombie High Priest Costume

High Priest Zombie Costume

Zombie High Priest Costume

There’s also the zombie high priest costume consisting of a faded full-length blackrobe with long sleeves.

It comes with an attached capelet with the stand-up pontiff collar and burgundy piping.

To get the distressed effect, the black fabric is treated with white staining. A burgundy waist sash or wrap-around belt and burgundy band black mitre makes for a realistic high priest costume.

Complete the zombie look with 3-D zombie glove tops as well as a scary zombie mask.


Gruesome Groom Zombie Costume

Gruesome Groom Zombie Costume

Zombie Groom Costume

The ever popular romantically gross and spooky looking zombie groom can be found every Halloween night running after his zombie bride.

Wearing blood stained torn and tattered wedding shirt and pants, they do look a gruesome sight but just perfect for the zombie bride.

Would you like to be the dashing gruesome groom tonight with his tattered jacket and printed vest/shirt with attached collar and bow tie and detached cuffs?


Zombie Groom Costume

Till Death Do Us Part Zombie Groom Costume

The grossly romantic till death do us part groom in his best jacket with waistcoat,

trousers, scarf and top hat.

Torn and tattered may be his shirt but not his ‘dying’ love.


Skeleton Zombie Gauze Groom

Scary Skeleton Zombie Gauze Groom

Skeleton Gauze Zombie Groom

Spooky suit is complete with rotten looking hat, gauze jacket, gauze vest, bone rib cage printed shirt, pants, tie, gauze pants overlay and skeleton bone gloves.

Put on a Skull Face Mask (sold separately), hold a Skull walking cane (not included) and you are the eerie zombie groom stumbling painfully with every step as if you have broken all your bones or skeleton.


White Zombie Prom Ghost Groom Costume

White Zombie Prom Ghost Groom Costume

White Zombie Prom Ghost Groom Costume

If you wish to be a pale looking ghostly zombie groom, then this White Zombie Prom Ghost Groom Costume fits the bill. Dress in a tattered white jacket and tattered pants with vest and integrated shirt.

Complete your ghostly image with a top hat (buy separately) and white gloves (buy separately) as well as zombie makeup for that perfect eerie look.


Men’s Skeleton Zombie Costume

Skeleton Zombie Costume For Men

Men’s Skeleton Zombie Costume

Scary skeleton zombie costume is another disgustingly creepy one most suited for a spooky night party.

Looking as if just risen from the grave, this zombie skeleton costume for men must surely give you the shivers, especially when the night is dark.

Moldy green and dusty looking with eerie tattered gauze, torn and tattered shirt and pants showing exposed bones at the ribs and legs, expect the shrill screams of fright from anyone ‘lucky’ enough to cross your path.

Zombie mask with dirty looking stringy hair and skeleton gloves are included to complete the graveyard spooky look.


More Zombie Scary Costumes For Men

Zombie Men Dead Zone Costume

Men’s Dead Zone Zombie

Zombie Football Player Costume

Football season zombie style.Football fans will get to enjoy some scary football match, but do be careful with your brains. Zombies love those.

Red pullover shirt with black and grey sleeves plus distressed 13 printed on it. Detachable foam shoulder pads, black pants with attached grey mesh dags, grey mesh scarf. Vinyl helmet with molded brains oozing out.

Get your own zombie makeup, tattered dirty socks, shoes and football for the zombie match.


Football Player Zombie Costume For Men

Zombie Football Player Costume

Another number 13 football player costume for Halloween night match.

Made from 100% polyester, you get a tattered blood splattered football jersey. Padded shoulder pads for bulky effect.

Also comes with blood stained pants with elastic waistband as well as a soft football helmet lined with foam for a more comfortable wear.

Put on zombie makeup for a more scary effect.

More Zombie Scary Adult Costumes For Men

On such a wild night where zombies roam freely, we will need some law enforcement officers around.

Zombie Sheriff Police Officer Halloween Costume

Zombie Sheriff Police Officer Halloween Costume

Zombie Sheriff Costume For Adult Men

Join the living dead and walking dead together and you have the rotten zombie walking dead sheriff.

Khaki Sheriff uniform jumpsuit consisting of blood stained khaki shirt, green pants and belt.

Slip on the zombie hands and mask and off you go, looking for your victim.


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And here is a bloody Walking Dead – Rick’s Sheriff Costume T-Shirt

Even more scary zombie costume ideas for men

Zombie Tee Shirts For Men

How about a souvenir zombie tee shirt to remind you of the fun you have during Halloween?

Zombies never die off. They live on forever – they’re the ‘living’ dead after all.