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Women's Salem Witch Costume

InCharacter Costumes Women’s Salem Witch

The Walking Dead zombies are popular classic Halloween costumes because they were easy to make but could be customized to be as elaborate as you want.

Here is an overview of some of the popular scary Halloween zombie costumes that you’ll be seeing at Halloween parties this year.

Make friends with the zombie doctor or take a zombie bride and your life will change forever!

Wondering what 2015 has to offer for zombie costumes ideas? Well, satisfy your zombie urge by clicking on the links below.

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Ideas For Halloween Zombie Costumes

Bleeding Zombie Scary Face Mask

Bleeding Zombie Face Mask

Walking Dead Zombie Costume

Appropriately enough, since this series helped sparked a zombie renaissance, Walking Dead zombie masks and costumes are proving popular this Halloween.

These include split-head zombie and little girl zombie masks, a Pajama Girl Zombie costume with no mask and a Split-Jaw prosthetic that makes it look like your jaw has rotted away.

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Skeleton Zombie Costume Ideas

Men's Teen Skeleton Zombie Costume

Fun World Costumes Men’s Teen Skeleton Zombie Costume

This costume depicts a zombie that has crawled out of his grave after rotting to a skeleton and features tattered clothes with bones visible through the tatters, skeleton gloves and skull zombie mask.

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Scary Fulci Zombie Latex Mask

Fulci Zombie Latex Mask

Fulci Zombie

Italian director Lucio Fulci created one of the iconic zombie movies with 1979’s Zombi and this elaborately sculpted latex mask turns you into one of Fulci’s rotting zombies.

The mask features rotting flesh, sharpened teeth and even worms crawling out of one eye. Also consider the Gates of Hell mask based on another Fulci film, which features a distorted mouth and one empty eye socket.

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More Scary Zombie Costumes

Inspired by The Walking Dead Adult Zombie Doctor Costume

Walking Dead Adult Zombie Doctor Costume

Zombie doctor

These costumes include tattered scrubs with decomposing rib chest and exposed knee detailing as well as zombie

masks. Everything is one whole bloody mess.

Here is one doctor you would not want to meet even when you are very sick. You wouldn’t want your heart cut out and your intestines dripping out just like him.

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Scary Zombie Skinsuit Costume

Morphsuits Monster The Zombie Skinsuit

Zombie Skinsuit

A creepy zombie costume that covers the body from head to toe with all the gory details.

Horrible wide mouth, exposed ribs and wounds all over to give everyone a terrible fright.

Comes with 4-way stretch, double zip and overlocked stitching.

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Zombie Crusader Costume

Zombie Crusader Costume

Zombie crusader

This costume proves that zombies also existed in the Middle Ages.

Costume features tunic with tattered cape, arm and shin guards, belt, and half mask with chainmail. Look at the horrible teeth.

Armed with a sword (buy separately) and you are ready for the bloody battle cries.

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Blood Stained Cleaver

Bloody Cleaver

Zombie cleaver

This is a great accessory that you can use with your zombie costumes. A bloody knife (plastic) will scare a lot of people. Or get the one which features a headband and a blood stained cleaver that gives the illusion that someone has smashed a cleaver into your head.

You can even have a bloody cleaver clutch bag for keeping your small Halloween stuff.

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Zombie pirates

 Zombie Pirate Costume For Men

Forum Novelties Inc Men’s Zombie Pirate Costume

The success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has shown that audiences love watching pirates, so why not mix them up with zombies?

Pirate zombie costumes include a skull pirate that features a skull mask and sculpted hand with hook and a zombie shipmate costume that has a top with printed bones, tattered trousers and an eye patch.

How about the scary pirate with hat, jacket with attached vest front & tattered gauze, pants and boot covers looking for a fight.

Get out of the way if you see sword welding zombie pirate with tattered coat complete with a creepy character

Halloween zombie Hunter Complete Costume Kit

Forum Novelties Zombie Hunter Complete Costume Kit

mask, matching head scarf and a belt.

Check out this zombie pirate wig

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Zombie Hunters

Cold-blooded hunters in blood-soaked dress or shirt with bloodstained zombie hunter axe is enough to send you running and screaming for mercy.

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The blood splattered, the sinister, the gruesome, the spooky, the creepy, the evil and the walking dead zombies rule on Halloween night.

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