Zombie Costumes For Boys

Zombie Child Costume Ideas For Boys

Let your child have great fun dressed up in zombie costumes for boys this Halloween. Halloween parties, trick or treat, school parties; have fun scaring them all with your torn and tattered shirt with exposed guts, blood stained face mask with rotting teeth and all the scary grotesque stuff.

Zombie costumes with mask takes the hassle out of applying makeup.

Fun World Zombie Doctor Child

Fun World Zombie Doctor Child

Zombie Doctor Child Costume

Get the realistic blood splattered Zombie Doctor Child Costume and have great fun being a zombie doctor to your zombie patients.

The whole set consists of a lab coat, shirt with pvc rotting chest, pants with rotted knee, scary zombie mask, surgical mask, surgical cap, and latex gloves.

You can get it in child sizes of medium or large. Shoes not included. Have great scary fun chasing after your zombie

Zombie Doctor Child Costume

Demented Doctor Child Costume

patients this Halloween.


Oh no! or is it Oh yes! there is a demented doctor in the house. Look out, here he comes in his blood splattered white robe and molded bloody mask attached with horrible stringy synthetic hair.

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Rotten to The Core Child Costume

California Costumes Toys Rotten to The Core Child Costume

Zombie Child Rotten To The Core Halloween Costume

Roam the streets dressed in the Zombie Child Rotten To The Core Costume and instil fear in those that are unlucky to cross your way! Real creepy and scary monster of the night.

The set includes tattered shirt with hood, vinyl chest piece, vinyl half mask, and pants. Chest piece adheres to shoulder with velcro strips. What a great scary adventure ahead indeed.


Boys Skeleton Zombie Costume

Skeleton Zombie Costume Boys

Skeleton Zombie Child Costume

Surely you will get your child all excited with  this Skeleton Zombie Child Costume, all with great skeleton details.  Available in child sizes Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14).

The long sleeve shirt, pants with tattered gauze detailing, mask with head drape and gloves complete the set but shoes not included.

Creepy and eerie, expect hair-raising screams all round. What terrifying fun indeed!



Zombie Hunter Costume For Kids

Zombie Hunter Kids Costume

Zombie Hunter Child Costume

Be the hunter and search for your zombie friends this halloween. Dress to hunt in your jacket and t-shirt with your killer axe complete with Zombie sheath, strapped to your bullet belt.

Smear some blood (buy separately) all over and you have the axe welding,  screaming zombie hunter chasing everyone and scaring them out of their wits. You shudder with ‘fun’ indeed.



More Scary Zombie Child Costumes For Boys

Pirate Costume For Boys

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Shipwrecked

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Shipwrecked

A mean looking shipwrecked pirate looking fierce with his sword (buy separately) is not someone to mess around with. Pirate costume comes with shirt, vest with detachable belt, waist sash, shoulder drape, head scarf, sculpted

Zombie Pirate Boy's Costume

Ghost Ship Zombie Pirate Boy’s Costume

mask with eye

patch and boot covers.


Ghost Ship Pirate looking fearsome and nasty with his shirt with a detachable chest piece, pants, full-face mask with attached hair, waist tie, bandana, and boot covers as well as waving dangerously a pirate sword (buy separately).


Fun World Complete Zombie Child Costume Medium

Complete Zombie Costume

Fun World Complete Zombie Child Costume

A real horror zombie costume for boys, watch everyone runs away in terror when you lurch in wearing your zombie costume.

A complete costume with pants and shirt with sewn-in body parts, gloves and one scary mask with messy hair.


Dark Zombie Ninja Tabard Set

Zombie Ninja Costume

Zombie Ninja Tabard Set

Zombie ninja costume comes with tabard, shirt with attached hood, torn pants, fabric mask with attached sculpted bloody ninja star, and belt tie.

Ninjas move swiftly and are deadly with their sword. Get sword separately to complete your ninja outfit.

You might need to wear some warm clothing underneath your ninja costume as the torn pants would not keep out the cold.


Zombie Rock Star Costume

Boys’ Dead Man Rockin’ Costume

Boys’ Dead Man Rockin’ Costume

Be the rocking star that you have always dreamed about.

This rock star costume includes glove, studded cuff, rockstar pins.


Here is another equally rotten rock star with the bloody eyeball and top hat with attached messy hair

Zombie Boy Halloween Costume

Zombie Boy Costume

Zombie Boy Costume

Look as scary and creepy as possible. After all, tonight is Halloween night where the dead zombies roam freely.

Zombie boy has a ribs exposed shirt with blood splattered all over.

Elastic waistband blue pants with bones showing and splattered blood stains everywhere.

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Even more zombie costumes for boys. It’s getting creepy in here!